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Hello, I'm Jamie Ward, a web developer form Lincolnshire, England. I design & develop websites for small businesses and organisations, focusing on lightweight, mobile-friendly, and easy to update sites. I use a combination of my imagination, my 9 years of experience, and best practices to create simple, yet powerful websites. I use a bespoke content management system that I have been working on to allow my clients update their own websites with ease.


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Hobbies & Interests

In my spare time I love to get away from the on-line world. I spend a lot of time juggling, and attending many juggling festivals around the UK. My other passion in the world is animals. I've always loved animals since a young age, being the main reason why I am a vegan. I am very interested in world religions and different beliefs, and currently studying Taoism. When I want a more relaxed day, I can often be found indoors reading a book form my vast collection of religious material.

I love to learn new things each day and often find myself having a lot of random (and most of the time useless) facts, but no one to share them with - which is the main reason for me being a writer at TheFactSite.com, where I can share my gained knowledge with over 250,000 readers each month!


Jam pure professional approach really approachable and most of all worked well to deadlines. Would love to work with you again.

As a graphic designer, I've worked with Jam on various projects and have found his services professional, flexible and reliable. I would describe Jam as an easy-going creative with a passion for the world of code, who gladly takes the time to liaise fully in order to bring your ideas to life.

The site made for our event was creative and well developed, while remaining professional. Would totally use again.

More testimonials and reviews can be found on my Facebook page at facebook.com/jam1e.co.uk

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If you wish to contact me, you can either fill out the below form, or send me a message via my Facebook page at facebook.com/jam1e.co.uk. I will try to respond to all messages within 24 hours.