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Jamie Ward

Hello, I'm Jamie Ward, a web developer from Mablethorpe, Lincolnshire, England. I design & develop websites for small businesses and organisations, focusing on lightweight, mobile-friendly, and easy to update sites. I use a combination of my imagination, my 9 years of experience, and best practices to create simple, yet powerful websites. I use a bespoke content management system that I have been working on to allow my clients update their own websites with ease.

BNichol Art

Ben Nichol is a photographer and designer from the East Midlands area. I was asked to update his site so that he could add new photo albums without having to edit the source code each time. His new site now has the ability to register users which allows them to access their own private albums and download their images, a review submission and moderation section, and an email subscription service provided by MailChimp.

This website was built on top of the Slim 3 Framework, and used the custom design that was already set in place by Ben himself.